Review: Kat Von D Beauty Lolita Blush & Eyeshadow

Hi beauties, and happy Friday!

On the blog today is my review/first impressions of the new Limited Edition KVD Beauty Lolita Blush & Eyeshadow.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 2.30.12 PM.png

From Top to Bottom: Lolita Blush, Lolita Everlasting Lip Liner and Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.

According to Sephora, Rock Kat Von D’s iconic shade, Lolita on your eyes and cheeks for the ultimate monochromatic look. The world fell in love with Lolita, Kat’s signature chestnut rose lipstick, because it contains a perfect balance of tones, for a neutral shade that works on every complexion. Triple-milled and ultra-blendable, this velvety powder performs double duty as both a high-pigment eyeshadow and a blush for a smooth, seamless finish.”

Important to note that this shade of Lolita is Lolita “OG” which is the more rose/taupe shade.

If you’re unfamiliar with the whole Lolita OG and Lolita II debacle, a few years ago when KVD came out with her new liquid lipsticks, Lolita (the chestnut rose shade everyone knows and loves) was an instant hit. It was sold out everywhere! When KVD released another batch of Lolita, users began noticing the shade difference, calling this the “Bad Batch” of lipsticks – This batch pulled more of a terracotta nude/brown shade, versus the deep rose/taupe everyone loved.  A lotttt of people were disappointed, just look at all of the “fail” videos on YouTube! A lot of beauty enthusiasts wanted the original shade back, while others loved and even preferred the “bad batch” over the original. After a few months, KVD re-released both shades to please the masses, naming them Lolita OG (Sometimes sold as just Lolita) and Lolita II.


Overall, I found this to be a gorgeous shade for both a blush and eyeshadow. As an eyeshadow, it is extremely pigmented (which is great) but almost too pigmented as a blush – a little goes a LONG way. Additionally, while it was flawless as an eyeshadow, as a blush, it did appear quite patchy. You really need to blend blend blend to make this have a more natural look.

All in all, the shade match in comparison to the actual Lolita lipstick, the blush pulls a bit more red than rose. For $26.00 CAD (Current retail price), you can likely find a more flattering shade of blush for your skin tone that isn’t as patchy. However, if you’re an avid makeup collector and fan of KVD Beauty, this is definitely a must-have in my personal collection.

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

The final look. I used Lolita in my outer V and blended into the lid. I also used it on my cheeks, and used Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita on my lips. I also used a mix of the warm shades in the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. 

Lastly, I would love for KVD Beauty to release Lolita II in a blush/eyeshadow format, seeing as it’s a warmer shade, it would look so flattering on most skin tones and be a more subtle option to this shade – Maybe this is in the works as we speak, who knows!

Did you get your hands on this Limited Edition blush? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay beautiful!



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