Mini Review Monday: Makeup Eraser Heart

The Makeup Eraser is not new to the market by any means. It’s been around for a few years now, but I’ve always been skeptical about this product. The video demonstrations show a full face of glam makeup being removed with just a few wipes of this product.

According to Sephora, this product “Is made of 100 percent polyester with a specially crafted, makeup-removing weave. Erase smear-proof and waterproof mascara and makeup, including stage, sports, and theatrical makeup, without any chemicals. Each cloth is built to last up to 1,000 washes and requires only warm water. No residue is left behind, and the complexion is left looking fresh and clean.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.38.50 PM.png

Overall, I’ve never tried this brand before and figured the mini would be a great start. It definitely does what it says, kind of; it removed all my makeup including liquid lipstick and mascara. However, while it does remove mascara and eye makeup, I had about 6-7 lashes from each eye fall out, and I was not pressing down hard.

It also doesn’t remove all makeup from your face. I tried a makeup wipe after using the Makeup Eraser to see if it missed any makeup and sure enough there was still some leftover makeup on my face, thus debunking their “No residue left behind” claim.

This definitely doesn’t replace your cleansing routine, but I can see this being a great green alternative to Makeup wipes and cotton pads with makeup remover.

Have you tried the Makeup Eraser before? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading & remember, you’re beautiful!



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