Review: Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation

First of all – I LOVE free stuff, who doesn’t? This blog post is made possible all thanks to the Glam Sense program. What’s Glam Sense? It’s a free program where users take a quiz, if they qualify, they get sent free products, just as long as they review it. It’s similar to programs like Influenster, BzzAgent and Chick Advisor.

This month, I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the new Water Blend Face & Body Foundation  by Make Up For Ever

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.03.16 PM.png

I’m in the shade Y215. #PalePrincess

According to the Sephora website, this foundation is a “Lightweight, water-gel, face and body foundation that provides sheer to buildable coverage with a natural-looking, dewy glow and flawless finish. […] formulated with 80 percent water and enriched with pro-vitamin B5. […] The super lightweight formula allows you to customize your foundation result from sheer to buildable, providing your desired coverage level with a fresh, dewy glow […] [this foundation] will not transfer throughout the day [and is] ideal for all skin types.”

A few months ago, I tried a sample of this at Sephora. While I was skeptical at first, I’ve learned to love it now that I’ve been able to use it for a week or so. My first impressions months ago was that this was literally water; I felt like there was 0 coverage, so I didn’t proceed to purchase it full-sized.

However, my opinion has changed since I’ve had the time to play around with it. Yes, the consistency is extremely watery, and you do have to shake the product quite vigorously to mix it all together. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely buildable, and is a long way from being full-coverage. However, you can layer this on two or three times to achieve a medium coverage.


Before @ 8:30am in natural sunlight & #nofilter.

Now, Make Up For Ever encourages users who try this product out to participate in the #WaterChallenge. Whether doing a strenuous activity, such as a sport or hitting the gym, or going about your day at your day to day job, Make Up For Ever guarantees that this foundation will last all day.

For reference, my skin type is combination – I have an Oily t-zone and the rest of my face is regular to dry, depending on the months.

While the consistency is light, when I started to sweat shortly after wearing this foundation (it’s been a hot few days in Toronto), I could see the foundation starting to crease and build up in the areas I had moisture or sweat on my face. Though I was able to “dry myself off”, very minimal product came off (thus somewhat debunking their ‘transferproof’ point since some still transferred onto the blotting paper).

Surprisingly enough, at the end of the day, my skin is not totally oily. I didn’t have to blot throughout the day, and overall, I’d say that’s a win.


After a 12 hour day of wear. Lighting isn’t the greatest, but the foundation has broken up near my eyes, nose and chin, which is typical of any foundation I use. 

Closing comments; Do I recommend this product? Yes. Is it suitable for oily to combo skin? Yes – but I set my face with translucent powder AND a mattifying setting spray – This one by Urban Decay is my fave.

As for the Ellipse Blender it came with? You may as well chuck it. It just moves the product around on your face. I prefer a damp Beauty Blender, but that’s just my personal preference.

Have you tried this foundation out? Let me know your thoughts below!

As always, you’re beautiful!


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