Mini Review Monday: Bliss Mask-a-’peel’


Happy Monday Beauties! Today’s installment of Mini Review Monday is featuring the Bliss brand rubberized mask called “Mask-a-’peel’”. Here’s the breakdown:


According to the Sephora website, “This spa intensive rubberizing peel-away face mask is enriched with vitamin C, a blend of antioxidants, and bilberry and seaweed extracts to leave skin instantly brightened and glowing, with evened tone and texture”. Okay Sephora…

I was drawn to this product initially because I’m sure you’ve all seen the hype about “Rubberized Masks” all over social media.


First of all, the container is 14g, and it is not resealable. The instructions tell you to fill the container with water up to the indicated line, however, I knew this would be way too much product for my face. So I decided to split the powder in two. Half of the container was enough to cover my face and then some.

The texture was super odd but interesting. It applied thickly and dried fairly quickly. However, when I tried to remove the mask, it came off in pieces, and not as a whole like I had hoped. The mask itself felt like it did nothing for my skin, it just sat on top of it and didn’t feel like it really got rid of dry skin or clear my pores, nor brighten my skin as it claims.


I do not look like the lady on the package. 

Overall, this mask is a total dud, save your $15 and buy a few sheet masks instead! Have you tried this product before? Leave your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading & remember, you’re beautiful!

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