Generation Beauty 2017 Toronto Recap

Hi beauties!

Last month (better late than never, right?) I got to attend Gen Beauty Toronto! I was lucky enough to win Tickets from Ipsy, and who else tagged along but my Fiance Sean? 


Look at him, he’s such a trooper! God love him ❤ 

I was not planning to attend this year as I did not receive a creator pass like I did last year. However, when the opportunity came up to go for free, I gladly accepted!

What is Gen Beauty? Generation Beauty is a makeup convention held by Ipsy – According to the Gen Beauty Website, “Gen Beauty brings together the leading online beauty and fashion creators [Ie Michelle Pham, Patrick Star & Nikita Dragun] along with their passionate fans and top beauty brands for a weekend of inspiration, networking, and fun. Not to mention fab goodie bags filled with makeup, skincare, hair products (and more!) for everyone who attends.”

Quick recap of last year’s Gen Beauty: This was the first ever Canadian Gen Beauty, so it was CRAZY. I only went on the Saturday, because I was so tired and sore Sunday morning, I just couldn’t handle it. #imgettingold.

Last year we saw several large brands attend, such as Make Up For Ever, Too Faced and Tarte – all whom weren’t there this year. Last year, lineups were insane – I’m talking HOURS long, I think I waited in the MUFE line for nearly 2 hours. And while I received the amazing creator bag from the cocktail party last year, the rest of the attendees received 2 small organza bags, 1 for each day, and 100% NOT worth the $200+ worth of product Ipsy claims is in them, especially for those who a) paid nearly $200 for a ticket and b) those who traveled to Toronto to wait in line on their feet for hours.

Fast forward to this year, Ipsy was a lot more organized….for the most part. They introduced a mobile “wait in line” app – You essentially text a number and it would put you in a queue for a meet up or for a brand line so you physically didn’t have to stand in line forever. However, on Sunday, they removed this option – Probably because it failed miserably.

Though Sunday was a shortened day (10/11-3 vs 10/11-5), Sean and I were able to go to all but 4 booths in under 3 hours, no sore feet for this lady! I’m sure Saturday was crazy busy, but Sunday was surprisingly tame. Only huge lineups were at Covergirl, Marc Anthony and Luxie Brushes. Next year, I think I’d only go on the Sunday again, to avoid the huge crowds and long lineups. 

To get a breakdown of every brand’s “Giveaways” during the 2 days, please check out Pink Petals super informative blog posts, detailing the products and their worth. Part 1 & Part 2

Overall, I think Gen Beauty is a great experience IF you can get discounted tickets (When they go out for $99) or if you can win a contest to go for free. Free swag is awesome, but not worth it for those who have paid over $180 to go, not including travel and accommodations for those attending from out of town. I love free stuff as much as the next girl, but would never personally pay to attend Gen Beauty, due to how unorganized it has been for both years, and how little swag you do get.

Did you attend Gen Beauty this year or last year? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay beautiful!

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