Mini Review Monday: Make Up For Ever Refillable Makeup System (Trio)

Happy Monday, Beauties!

Apologies for the few missed Mini Review Monday’s, it’s been a hectic summer! Back to regular scheduled programming moving forward!

Last week, I noticed that Make Up For Ever released refillable palettes on Sephora. For only $2, I had to grab these, read below to see why!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 1.46.05 PM.png

Pictured above are various single-pan eyeshadows from The Balm, NARS, Shu Uemura, MAC and Makeup Geek.

As someone who does a decent bit of “travelling” (Mostly out of town, nothing crazy like around the world), I can never decide on which eyeshadow and/or face palettes to bring with me. I usually end up taking 2 eyeshadow palettes, a contour palette and a blush palette. When I came across these MUFE Refillable Trio’s, my eyes lit up – Not because I was intending to buy the products that are meant for the palette, but because I saw it as a miniature Z-Palette.

At $2 a piece, I ordered 4. I ended up creating a customized nude/neutral eyeshadow palette, a face palette complete with a highlighter, contour/bronzer and blush, and the other 2 are holding random singles I have for now until I buy more.

The quality of these palettes is amazing, I feel safer using these than regular Z-Palettes. They’re small and can fit up to 8 single shadow pans (Awkwardly, I’ll admit) or 2-3 bronzer/blush-sized pans.

If you’re like me and travel with a ton of makeup, this is for you – Go order it online ASAP!

Thanks for reading, beautiful!

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