Mini Review Monday: Lip Injections

Happy Monday Beauties!

Before I start off this week’s Mini Review Monday, I don’t want any judgement on why I decided to get lip injections. I support and respect everyone’s choice to do as they wish with their bodies, and so should you.

I want to be completely transparent and open about my experience for those who have been thinking about lip injections, or have ever wondered about the process or were too shy or “embarrassed” to ask.

  • URL:
  • Price: $199 – $350 (Depending on the promotion and location).
  • Where to purchase: I went to Beauty Bar Laser Clinics in Toronto, however, there are many places who offer cosmetic injections. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH!
  • Pros: Promotional Price, Look
  • Cons: Longevity
  • Do I recommend this? Yes!

I have been interested in lip injections for the last few years now. I’ve always hated how my upper lip looks since it (was) significantly thinner than my bottom lip. I did a ton of research, before someone recommended Beauty Bar to me. They happened to have a $199 Mini Lip Plump promotion, so I jumped at the opportunity. The Mini Lip Promo is ½ syringe of filler (In my case, Revenesse brand).

My first appointment, my nurse (Emily) asked me what I wanted. As I wasn’t sure, she suggested I inject only my upper lip to make them symmetrical and even to my already naturally full bottom lip. Let me tell you, it was PAINFUL! I ended up bruising slightly on my right side upper lip, but only for about 2 days. For this, she only ended up using half of what I had purchased, so ¼ of a syringe. It made a visible difference for sure!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 2.25.43 PM.png

I don’t have a super clear image of my “Before”, but the top is before, the middle is immediately after my 1st injection, and the bottom is a few days after swelling went down.

A month later, I went back to Beauty Bar to get the remaining ¼ syringe (to make up ½ syringe total). This time my nurse was Brittney, who was so sweet and gentle – There was almost no pain, though this time, I bled a tiny bit. I only had a small bruise on my lip, but it was gone the next day.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 2.26.57 PM.png

This picture is from my nurse (Brittney) Instagram account. The right hand side shows before my 2nd injection, and immediately after my 2nd injection. The left picture is a few days after the swelling went down.

Overall, I think lip injections look beautiful on everyone, those with thin lips and even those with naturally full lips; It adds this gorgeous but natural looking pout. I will go back in about 6-10 months (this is about the length of time my injections will last until my body naturally metabolizes the filler) to get another ½ syringe. The only cons about lip injections are the price and the longevity; However, if you get a touch up every 6-12 months, your body will begin adjusting itself and holding the filler in your lips for longer!

I’m so happy with my results and I highly recommend Beauty Bar in Yorkville (Toronto), tell them I sent ya!

If you have ANY questions, I’m an open book; Feel free to leave them in the comments below, or DM me on Instagram!

Thank for reading, remember you’re beautiful (inside, and out!)

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