Sample Sunday – 09/17/17

Happy Sunday, Beauties!

Last week, I introduced a new “series” to my blog – Sample Sunday! Pretty self explanatory, but this will be a mini-series that re-occurs every Sunday.

I’ve got this HUGE box of samples, and every Sunday moving forward I will pick 5 samples to test out that week, and I’ll come back here every week to let you know whether it’s worth buying the full-sized product.

This week, I picked the following 5 samples:

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 3.25.32 PM.png

Name: Clinique 3-step cleansing system (Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize)







Cleanser: Full Size = $24.00 CAD

Toner: Full Size = $18.00 CAD

Moisturizer: Full Size = $34.00 CAD

Review: Out of these 3 samples, I had previously only tried the “Dramatically Different” moisturizer, and I loved it! Super light and non-greasy, amazing for the summertime. The cleanser I felt did a decent job cleansing and felt very delicate, however, on its own, very drying. The toner came in a pre-moistened cloth format, so I can’t say whether I like it or not, it didn’t feel overly moistened so I’m really unsure. The moisturizer I already love, but it has a super strange scent, so just be aware (Almost like a burnt chemical smell).

Would I buy the full-size?: Cleanser: No – I have other cleansers that work just as great for a fraction of the price. Toner: Hard to say if I like it enough, I’d have to try a deluxe-size sample in the liquid and not the cloth format. Moisturizer: Trying this sample reaffirmed my love for this lotion, so I think I’ll go out and buy it!

Name: Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment


Price: Full Size = $70.00 CAD

Review: I love Josie Maran argan oil (the light one), so I was excited to give this argan milk a go. The texture and consistency is wonderful, and feels so hydrating on the skin but without feeling heavy and greasy. I was able to use this sample twice, but I think I got an allergic reaction to it! I woke up the next morning with little bumps near my jawline on both sides.

Would I buy the full-size?: I think I would try a few more samples of this out just to figure out whether or not I am allergic to it. I do love it and want to keep trying it and recommend it to anyone oily skin as a moisturizer alternative!

Name: Derma e Soothing Cleanser


Price: Full Size = $22.00 CAD 

Review: I love the vitamin C serum and charcoal mask from this brand, so I was excited to try the cleanser. I use cleansers every morning with my Foreo brush, however, this one didn’t “suds” up at all. I like cleansers that suds up and that are creamy as it feels more hydrating on the skin, and it feels like I get a good clean. Even with the Foreo to help the cleaning process, I felt my skin still felt like it had a “film” of oil on it, so I wasn’t crazy about this sample and tossed it out even though it had 2-3 uses in it.

Would I buy the full-size?: No – This may work for you, but I’m not keen on non-sudsing cleansers because it doesn’t make me feel like I’m really cleaning my skin.

Name: Algenist Power Advance Wrinkle Fighting Serum


Price: Full Size = $108.00 CAD

Review: I’ve heard great things about this brand, and have several samples, so I was excited to try this out, especially since I’ve been really into serums lately. I used this after cleansing and toning my face, and I mixed it with the Josie Maran Argan Milk treatment sample above. Now, I’m not sure if it was the combination of the 2 products, or one of these 2 products in isolation, but one of them gave me a reaction the next morning. While this serum felt AMAZING on my skin (super light and fast-absorbing), I’m not sure if I’m allergic to it or not.

Would I buy the full-size?: Just like the other sample, I would need to try this one out in isolation to see whether or not I’m allergic to it. I did like the texture and feeling, so I would try again, but don’t know if I’d buy it full-size yet.

Name: Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel


Price: Full Size = $66.00 CAD

Review: I wasn’t sure about this product because I’ve never really heard of this brand, but boy did it make my face feel so smooth and bright, it did such a great job cleansing and felt super gentle. Overall, I love how it made my skin look and feel (and it smells bombbbb!).

Would I buy the full-size?: Maybe – it’s a little pricy for my liking but I just may need to treat myself! 

Have you ever tried any of the above products? If so, leave your thoughts in the comments! 

Thanks for reading, beautiful!

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