Essence Cosmetics Fall/Winter 2017

Hi Beauties,

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Faulhaber Communications to attend the Essence Cosmetics Fall/Winter 2017 Preview in their FSHOPPE showroom.

Upon entrance, I was immediately overwhelmed (in a good way!) by all the pretty unicorn decor and theme, equipped with a gorgeous candy bar with an array of cupcakes, cookies, sweets and even a unicorn cake! Best of all, they served champagne with sticks of rock candy, which turned the champagne into beautiful shades of pink, purple and blue.

All over the showroom were several displays showcasing all of the new releases for influencers and beauty bloggers to play with and swatch. In one corner was a makeup artist who was available to help you test out new products and try out fun new looks.

Now for the good part – the makeup! At the end of the night we received the most generous swag bag of new goodies, so let me take you through them and talk about each product, which are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Superstore’s across Canada!

21744710_10156676641029816_206290235_n (1).jpg

Honey Care Line: Moisturizing & Caring Hand Cream and Smoothing Nail & Cuticle Scrub

Essence Cosmetics is known for its cheap makeup and nail polishes, but I was SO excited to see them come out with a hand care line. When I visited their headquarters in New York back in June, I got to have a sneak peek of this line and I was just as excited then as I am now. The hand cream has a delicate honey smell, and it feels amazing – not too thick and absorbs into the skin super quickly. The cuticle scrub is interesting – it’s very gentle, but feels very moisturizing once the “scrub” portion has dissolved.  I’ve been using both of these products together non-stop for the last two weeks, and I can’t get enough. My only qualm is that I wish the hand cream was a larger size!



Water Kiss Glossy Lip Colour – From L to R: Ocean Girl, Mermaid Diary, Deep Sea Love, Aquatic Chic

When I went to NY to visit Essence Cosmetics’ head quarters, we also got sneak peek of these glossy lip colours. I ended up receiving Mermaid Diary, but during this event, I received the other shades as well. First thing’s first, the smell is a little odd, but the formula of these is so unique. They’re glossy and feel wet, but they’re not sticky at all. They’re very pigmented and when the gloss eventually dries down, you’re left with a gorgeous sheer tint on your lips.



Strobing Highlighter Stick: L to R: Light up your life, Glow up your life 

Going to sound like a broken record again – I was able to test these out when I was in New York visiting Essence, and received the pearl shade (Glow up your life). During the event, I believe the shade that everyone received was the pink shade, Light up your life. Both are gorgeous and very pigmented. They’ve got this cream to powder effect, so can be used before and after setting powder. They’re very long lasting, and look amazing as a base, underneath powder highlighter.



Colour Correcting Sticks – From L to R: Dark Spot concealer, Dark Circle concealer, Tone concealer, Brighten concealer and Anti-Redness concealer. 

I was also able to test these guys out in June, but they’ve since released a liquid version of all of these shades, which we also got to test out during this event. I however wasn’t lucky enough to receive them in my swag bag, but will definitely pick them up! As far as these go, they apply and blend out very smoothly, and are pigmented. I love using the Tone and Brighten (Pink and Purple) concealers together underneath my Tarte Shape Tape to help brighten the under eye area. Truthfully, I haven’t tried the Brown or Yellow shades yet as they’re too dark for my skin tone. The Green is amazing for when you have redness on your skin from a blemish. I prefer liquid colour correcting concealers but these are definitely great for beginners who want to try this out.



Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss: From L to R: Girl of Today, Beauty Approved, La Vie Est Belle

Finally, something I didn’t see when I was in NY! These shades are so perfect for Fall! First of all, they smell like cake, second of all, they’ve got this beautiful velvety texture, and they look ultra matte on the lips. But let’s get one thing straight, they’re not as long lasting as they claim to be. These are great and inexpensive but if you’re planning on going to an important event, I’d skip these. They transfer very easily and sometimes slip and slide on your lips. Besides that, they apply like a dream and look/feel very nice on the lips.



Metal Shock Lipsticks from L to R: Purple Pistol, Ace of Hearts, Guns N Rose, Iron Maiden, Venom

Probably the most anticipated launch of the year, these Metallic lipsticks launched late in the summer (Played with these in NY as well). I was happy to see they gave us such a range of shades in our swag bag. For me, metallic lipstick is not something I’d purchase on my own, however, I think they’re super fun and unique for special occasions – The most wearable one is definitely the red shade, but the others are gorgeous all the same. They’re extremely pigmented and apply opaquely in 1 swipe. They’re also decently long-wearing if you’re careful not to eat oily foods.



Shine shine Shine Lipglosses from L to R: Friends of Glamour, Smile Sparkle Shine, Behind The Scenes

I’m not sure how new these glosses are since I rarely go for these types of shades, but it’s nice to find affordable high-quality glosses at the drugstore. The middle shade (Smile Sparkle Shine) is a gorgeous almost holo/opal shade and looks so great on top of lipstick as a lip topper. The clear shade (Behind The Scenes) feels so thick and luxurious on the lips, and is decently long-lasting. Fair warning though, these are very glossy and if you’re in a car with your hair down, be prepared for a disaster! Otherwise, for the price, you can’t go wrong!



The Metals eyeshadows From L to R: Vanilla Brilliance, Ballerina Glam, Silver Twinkle, Patina Glow & Chocolate Frosting

Again, these to me aren’t new, and I’m not sure when they were or will be released, however, these shadows are extremely pigmented and buttery, and blend really nicely. Some of the lighter shades like Vanilla Brilliance and Ballerina Glam double as gorgeous highlighters that glow for the gods, let me tell ya! The only downside is that if you over-blend these lighter shades, they kind of just blend away and you’re left with glitter everywhere. The darker shades have fall-out so be careful! Otherwise, these are the perfect single shadows when you’re looking to amp up your look with a super foiled/metallic effect.



New mascaras from L to R: Volume Stylist 18h curl & hold mascara with styling waxes, Lash Princess sculpted volume mascara and Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension mascara with fibres.

While the Lash Princess line of mascaras isn’t new, they’ve extended their line by adding a new Lash Princess, this time a volumizing mascara. The brush is similar to the regular lash princess, but the formula is a little more wet feeling. Overall, it does add a ton of volume but clumps very easily. If you comb it through, your lashes look bomb! What’s new is these two new Volume Stylist 18h mascaras. I’ve had mine for a few months now from when I was in NY, and I love them both. Both add amazing curl, length and volume, especially the Lash Extension (purple tube) mascara. Both also have a wet consistency which can cause clumping, but this consistency goes away once you’ve used the mascara enough and it has had time to dry out a little bit. Total game changes in terms of drug store mascara, highly recommend!



L to R: Instant Matt setting spray, Eye & Face palette, Long Wearing Eyeliner, Cushion Eyeliner, I Heart Strobing eyeshadow primer

Since we received a few random items, I thought I would just quickly go over them. The Mattering spray has been out for a while and it’s a wonderful drugstore spray, I’d consider it a dupe for the Urban Decay De-Slick spray, which is my all-time holygrail setting spray. The Face & Eye Palette is nice for travel, super pigmented and buttery, I just wish there was matte shades included since these are all satin/shimmer finishes. The eyeliners aren’t new and they last a super long time, this shade is a gorgeous warm plum shade perfect for fall. The coversticks I am not crazy about as they’re too dark for my skin and are too oily-feeling for my liking. The strobing eyeshadow primer is new and adds a little pop of shimmer to your eyeshadow and helps them stay put all day. The standout for me here is the new cushion eyeliner. Even though this fad has come and gone, this allows for your eyeliner to stay moist for a super long time. It has that liquid-liner consistency which I love, without the drying effect of a gel pot liner. The liner glides on smoothly with the right brush and stays put all day – love it!


L to R: Cooling & Relaxing Eye Pads, Style Your Brows travel kit, Blush Play Sculpting & Highlighting palette and Crushed Glass Manicure stickers

Last but not least, a few more random products. The unique thing for me here are the cooling eye pads – You put them in your fridge and put them on your eyes to help with tired and puffy eyes. I’ve never seen something like this so I was pumped to try it. They feel super good on the skin, I have used them about 5 times or anytime I do a face mask. The travel set for brows is just fantastic, I can never find mini tweezers or eyebrow spoolies anywhere so this went straight into my purse. The blush palette is also wonderful – If you’ve never tried Essence Blushes, you’re in for a treat. They’re very pigmented, blend beautifully and last ALL DAY! The highlight shade is also gorgeous and very natural looking on the skin.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a trooper! It’s a no-brainer that Essence has fabulous and affordable products, they’re easily one of my favourite brands in the drugstore. Look out for these Fall/Winter products coming to a Shoppers or Loblaws near you!

Have you tried any of these yet? What’s your favourite Essence product? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading & remember, you’re beautiful!

*I received these products for free as Press/PR Samples. All opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Essence Cosmetics Fall/Winter 2017

  1. OMG These look amazing! I have all of the three mascaras but I haven’t seen the other things in my store! I’m so excited for the highlighter sticks and the color correcting pencil, they look so good, can’t wait to try them. I also have used the matt spray, and I really love it 😀 Would you mind check out my page? We can follow each other and be internet friends, it’d mean the world to me ❤
    Love, Mimi

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