Sample Sunday 10/01/17

Happy Sunday, Beauties!

First of all – HAPPY OCTOBER! I LOVE this month; the weather, the fashion, the vampy makeup, the colours, what’s there not to love?

Here is the first Sample Sunday review of this month.

This week, I picked the following 5 samples:

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 4.30.37 PM.png

Name: Sephora Rose Cleansing Cream


Price: $10.00 CAD

Review: I hate floral scents, but for some reason, I love the smell of Rose – So A+ for the scent of this. It felt super creamy and hydrating on my skin and left it feeling soft. I didn’t find it did a super good job at removing makeup, but I normally use Micellar Water or a Makeup Eraser on my face prior to cleansing anyways.

Would I buy the full-size?: Yes – Simply because it’s extremely affordable, and would be great for travel/overnight stays instead of packing my usual Tea Tree products. I would be curious to try the Charcoal or Green Tea ones, next!

Name: Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Lift & Firm Prism Cream


Price: $52.00 CAD

Review: I was excited to try this sample because I already love and own products from PTR. I thought this would be a great product to mix into my moisturizer or foundation to add a healthy glow, but it honestly fell flat for me. It didn’t come through at all. I tried using it as a highlight on top of my foundation, under my foundation, mixed in with my moisturizer, primer and foundation (This sample was pretty big, and I still ended up only using half of it). On it’s own without anything, it looks pretty, but I prefer mix-in “glow” products. With makeup, it just didn’t come through.

Would I buy the full-size?: For that price, no way!

Name: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask


Price: $77.00 CAD

Review: This is only the second product I’ve tried from Tata Harper. The first was an exfoliating cleanser. Both made my face burn. I’m not sure what’s in the ingredients making this happen, and I’m not sure if it’s normal. It made my skin feel super soft and smooth but I got really red and it was too itchy to keep on for more than 10 minutes. While it does a great job, it just hurt too much.

Would I buy the full-size?: At $77, Hell to the NO.

Name: SkinFix Face Cleansing Cloth


Price: $9.99

Review: I love SkinFix’s hand lotions, lip balms and their SweetSpot body washes, so I was excited to try this. I wasn’t expecting much because usually towelette-type samples feel too dry to me, but surprisingly, it was super moist and took off ALL of my makeup. I had a full-face of glam makeup equipped with glitter eyeshadow, winged liner and liquid lipstick, and one wipe removed everything, I couldn’t believe it!

Would I buy the full-size?: YES! These would be SO great for travel!

Name: Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk


Price: $15.95 CAD

Review: First of all, I’ve had this sample FOR EVER. I thought about chucking it but was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It smells SO GOOD. It only lasted for one use but the smell was great and the lotion absorbed into my hands quickly without feeling thick or greasy.

Would I buy the full-size?: I have hand lotion up the wazoo, but if I ever see this in-person (vs buying online, my credit card hates me) then I would definitely pick it up. Plus, the packaging is so cute!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, beautiful!

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