Review: Sally Hansen Salon Chrome

About once a week, I like to go check Shoppers Drug Mart to see if there are any new releases, and of course, to raid the sale section and $20 perfume rack.

A few days ago, I went through my local SDM and noticed a gorgeous Sally Hansen display with new Chrome polish kits.


If you’ve been on social media in the last year, you’ve seen all the rage with nail art enthusiasts everywhere going to salons to get the Chrome/Holo look on their nails, which usually consists of a chrome powder being applied to a solid colour to achieve a stunning metallic/chrome look.

Before today, the only way to achieve this look was to either find a salon that offers this, or find the products online do DIY. However, when I saw these new kits at SDM from Sally Hansen, I knew I had to try the Holo one!


The price point for these kits retails for $39.99 CAD each (At SDM – These could be cheaper at Walmart, I’ll have to check it out). A little steep for 1 kit, but considering you get the base coat, top coat, chrome powder, applicator and special effects top coat, that’s a pretty good deal – did I mention, you don’t need an LED light for this kit! Score!


In terms of ease of use, I definitely need some practice. While the steps are simple to follow, you really can’t wait too long for your nails to dry, or else the chrome powder won’t adhere. I had to re-paint my nails 2 at a time in order to get the chrome powder to stick. Once the powder is on there, if you don’t seal it properly with the special effect top coat, it starts to rub away. As you can see from my picture, you can see some of the black nail polish peeking through, likely because those parts either dried too quickly, or the powder rubbed off before I applied the special topcoat.

Overall, I need some practice, but this is a super fun at-home kit to give your nails that salon look without paying a ton of money for it. I will definitely try the other shades – Rose Gold & Gunmetal.

Have you tried these out yet? If so, let me know what you think!

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