Review: Zoom Whitening

Hi Beauties!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with whitening my teeth – But, not white to the point of looking like Ross from Friends, of course! Today I’ll be talking about my experience with Zoom Whitening.

My obsession started when I was about 16 and one of my girlfriends used Crest White Strips (The original, which is still what I buy to this day!) and I loved her results. I begged my mom to let me buy them, when at the time, I think they were nearly $70 Canadian – Now you can pick them up for about $25 at Walmart, seeing as there are so many different types you can buy now.

I’ve never been a smoker or much of a red-wine drinker, so I never really had to worry about having yellow teeth – I think the need for white teeth stems from the fact that my teeth aren’t perfectly straight, so having white teeth made me feel somewhat better about my smile.

Fast forward to last month, I received a flyer in the mail about a new dental office that opened up near me in Toronto. They were offering free Zoom Whitening to any new patients, so we switched our dentist ASAP to jump on the opportunity.

Price & Process

On average, a session of Zoom Whitening can cost anywhere from $500-700, depending on where you go. Ours was free of charge with a new patient exam.

The process for zoom whitening happens in four 15 minute sessions (all in one sitting). The dentist begins by putting a plastic mouth guard in your mouth to keep it open during the process. They then paint on a rubber-y substance to your gums to prevent the gel from damaging/burning your gums (this process doesn’t hurt). Then she deposits a gel substance and paints it on your teeth, and places a blue lamp over your mouth to cure. This “painting” process only takes about 5 minutes.

Then, you have to wait in the chair for 15 minutes to let the gel cure. Once the 15 minutes is up, the dentist sucks up the gel and re-applies a new coat of the whitening gel, and proceeds to place the blue lamp over your mouth again This process happens 4 times – at the end, they suck up the gel again, remove the rubbery-y substance and plastic mouth guard and you rinse your mouth with water. Boom, white teeth. The whole process takes just over an hour – if you can last through it.

Some people get severe sensitivity to the zoom whitening; I was afraid I would, too, but there was absolutely no pain or sensitivity during the whitening session. I lasted through all 4, however, my Fiance Sean was unable to and had to tap out halfway through his 4th session – He was in excruciating pain and had “zingers” for hours after (The dentist explained that zingers could happen during and after the procedure – they’re basically little shocks of sensitivity in random teeth and it’s normal but uncomfortable). I was told that some people can’t even make it past the first round of whitening – so crazy!


The only sensitivity I felt was towards the evening, it felt like I had an ice cube stuck to the front of my teeth, but I took a few ibuprofens and woke up the next day with no sensitivity anymore.

In terms of aftercare, it was pretty simple. Avoid “staining” food like red wine, pasta sauce, soda, and coffee. I was told I could drink coffee as long as it was diluted with milk and was drunk through a straw. I was also told that if I had any of the above food/drinks, to immediately rinse with water and brush my teeth if possible.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.42.29 PM.png

Top is Before, Bottom is After.

Overall, I didn’t see a DRAMATIC difference in my teeth, even the dentist said it wouldn’t be a huge difference since my teeth were already quite white. What I do notice though is overall brightness and vibrancy to my smile. 

I’m quite happy with my results anyways, especially since I received the treatment for free. Zoom Whitening is something I never would have considered because of the price. If you’re someone who isn’t prone to tooth sensitivity and you want whiter teeth that will last at least a few years, I do recommend it, but honestly, the Crest White Strips I’ve been using for 10+ years make a huge difference and are a fraction of the cost.

Have you ever received teeth whitening from the dentist? Tell me about your experience below!

Thanks for reading, beautiful!

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