#MadeToRecreate Challenge with Schwarzkopf Professional

Happy New Year, Beauties!

A few weeks ago, Schwarzkopf Professional reached out to me to participate in the #MadeToRecreate Challenge. I was challenged to recreate my favourite celebrity hair look with Schwarzkopf Professional hairspray. I chose to recreate my girl crush, MariPier Morin’s signature loose waves.

Step 1. Wash and Condition.


I used Schwarzkopf Professional’s Deep Nourishing Shampoo and Micellar Cleansing Conditioner, both from the BC Repair Rescue lineYou know when you get your hair done at the salon and the best part is when they wash and condition your hair? This gives the same results but at home. The product smells like you’ve just been at the salon while making your hair feel silky smooth! Afterwards, I added my regular hair oil to my damp hair and let it air dry (but you can blow dry it if you’re in a time crunch!).

Step 2. Dry Shampoo.


I know what you’re thinking – I just washed my hair, why do I need to use dry shampoo, isn’t that for when your hair is oily/dirty? No! One trick my hairdresser taught me is that using dry shampoo on clean hair actually has a few benefits. One, it helps keep it cleaner for longer, and two, it adds texture, which helps keep your style in place longer. Once my hair is dried, I concentrate the dry shampoo at my roots to help add much needed volume and texture to my hair.

Step 3. Tie & Spray.


I know, looking cute, right? This is the ultimate lazy-girl hack. Rather than section off my hair, I like to throw it into high ponytails or pigtails (Here I’m using those hair cords instead of traditional hair ties, because it doesn’t leave a kink or dent in your hair). Once this is done, use a hairspray, like this Strong Hold Hairspray (#2 Freeze) from Schwarzkopf Professional’s OSIS+ line – Using hairspray before curling helps to prep your hair and hold the curls in place.

Step 4. Curl.


Now that my hair is prepped, I split each pigtail in 2 and curl from the middle of the pigtail down using a curling wand. I hold each strand for 30 seconds, and then hold the curl in my hand for 10 seconds while it cools; this also helps to keep your curls in place!

Step 5. Set.


Once my pigtails are curled, I use a lighter hairspray, like this Flexible Hold Hairspray (#1 Elastic) from Schwarzkopf Professional, as a finishing spray. It helps to lock in the curl and add shine. Once your hair has completely cooled, remove the elastics and run your fingers through your hair for that messy look. Finish the look by adding a bit more hair spray to keep it in place and you’re done!

This entire look took me a total of 5 minutes – That’s the beauty of curling your hair while it’s up in pigtails! It also helps to prep your hair with the dry shampoo and hair spray to help keep the curl!



How do you think I did compared to my girl MariPier Morin? I mean cleary we’re twins, and while her curls are definitely looser, I’m still digging this look of mine, and thanks to the bomb OSIS+ hairsprays from Schwarzkopf Professional, it kept my style in place all day! If you’re interested in trying this line out (and I honestly highly recommend them!), you can find them exclusively at participating salons.

What celebrity look will you recreate using my lazy girl curling hack? Let us know in the comments below!

*Products were sent as PR Samples, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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