Mascara Monday – Benefit BadGal Bang! Mascara

Happy Monday beauties!

In addition to my Mini Review Monday’s, I thought I could incorporate another ‘series’ to my blog that I can alternate between – Mascara Monday’s! I’ve been testing a lot of Mascara’s lately, so rather than condensing my mascara reviews into my normal MRM template, I figured I may as well start something new!

This week I’ll be discussing the super hyped up Benefit BadGal Bang! Mascara. I picked it up the day it launched (back in Feb) and have been using it every day since.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.29.14 PM.png


BadGal Bang! Claims to be “A 36-hour, full-blast, volumizing mascara that layers easily to build massive volume without weighing down lashes.”. I’m sure you saw all over social media that a huge selling point of this mascara was that it claims to be made with aero-particles derived from space, which aids in the mascara being super lightweight (lyk wut?). The Sephora website claims that this mascara “layers easily for bigger impact. Its custom big slimpact! brush is designed to reach from root-to-tip and corner-to-corner of both your upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360-degree reach.” It also claims to be smudge-proof, water-resistant and volumizing, formulated with provitamin B5 to encourage lash thickness and strength.

First of all, this product is the definition of gimmicky. I mean, I’m a sucker for a good ad campaign since this is the industry I work in, so I was damn pumped when this product launched. But claiming it’s basically made with space dust is sooo extra, I literally think it’s just fluff verbiage to set it apart from other mascaras. For the record, no where in the ingredient list does it indicate aero-particles, so maybe it’s not an ingredient afterall and maybe it’s a process? That’s a little shady to me but I’m the gullible one who bought this mascara in the first place, so kudos to Benefit there.


The brush is AMAZING. I love how flexible the brush itself is, and it tapers into a fine point that really gets into the inner/outer corners of your lashes, and it does enable you to create a nice lift to your lashes without needing to curl them. I also do like how “black” and long it makes my lashes look. Once cleaned up, my lashes look awesome!


I really WANT to love this mascara. I love most of Benefit’s mascara, but here are my issues with Bad Gal Bang! The formula is SUPER wet, you can only brush on one layer at a time. If re-apply a 2nd coat too soon, you’re left with spidery lashes (debunking the claim that it layers easily). If you wait too long to apply a 2nd coat, it gets flaky and transfers (debunking the claim that it’s transfer-proof). After using it for a month, I’ve mastered how to use it, but mascara isn’t mean to be so fussy. I really have to concentrate hard and take my time to apply this mascara or else it transfers all over my lid. While this is normal for 99% of mascaras for me personally, the transfer to my lid from this product is extreme. Also, while it’s water resistant, I wouldn’t say it’s smudge proof in the least. At the end of the day, I have transfer/smudge on the bottom of my lashes (debunking the claim that it’s smudge-proof). All this to say, I don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes doing my mascara slowly in order to avoid the transfer.


After cleaning it up – Still clumpy 😦 

Overall, after fussing, this mascara does look great, but is it worth the fuss? I’m sorry to say that I don’t think it is. It’s messy AF and the mess isn’t worth it for great looking lashes. I’d rather pick up a tube of Benefit’s Roller Lash for the same price and half the fuss. I give this mascara a 2.5 out of 5.

Have you tried this mascara? If so, let me know if I’m crazy and what your thoughts are below!

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