Review & Giveaway – Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula

Hi Beauties!

I’m back with a review and giveaway of the new Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula line! For my review and to learn how you can win the entire Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula line, keep on reading.

A few weeks ago, Palmer’s generously sent me their 3 new products: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil, Body Lotion and Body Cream to try out and review. Let me preface this review by highlighting how much I LOVE anything coconut scented, and I’m on a coconut oil kick as of lately, I slather it in my hair, on my body and cook with it on a daily basis, so I guess you could say the obsession is real! So when Palmer’s reached out, I think it took me all of 34 seconds to reply with a YES!

My previous knowledge on the Palmer’s brand stopped at it being the “Pregnancy” cream – I actually had no idea they have such an array of products for anyone and everyone, they even have skincare and haircare! So I’m happy to be reviewing Palmer’s products for you; Here are my thoughts on all 3 products.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil

Palmer’s claims that this Body Oil “deeply hydrates, rejuvenates and replenishes skin’s moisture and radiance”. I’ve actually never tried a body oil before – I was admittedly a bit skeptical because I thought it would be too slippery and not absorb into my skin as well as a lotion – boy was I wrong! Since receiving this body oil, I’ve used it on it’s own around the driest parts of my body (especially my knees and elbows) almost like a targeted treatment, rather than all over my body. I also really like to add a few pumps of this to the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion for extra added hydration. I even used a pump as a finishing oil in my hair (be careful though because a little goes a long way). This is honestly a multi-use product – Given the size of the bottle, it should last me a long time!

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion

Palmer’s claims that this Body Lotion “contains high levels of naturally occuring fatty acid and proteins that are essential in keeping skin radiant and healthy looking”. This is probably my favourite product from the entire line. It feels so thick and luxurious on the skin, but without giving that greasy, slick or residue-like feeling that I find a lot of lotions leave behind. I use this right out of the shower, sometimes mixed with a few pumps of the body oil – The best use in my opinion is slathering it on right after shaving – Hello smooth legs! It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves your skin glowing!

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Cream

Palmer’s claims that this Body Cream “is a rich formula that helps soften even the roughest skin”. When I read this, I knew exactly what I’d do with this cream – Use it for my feet! This may be TMI but my feet get really rough for some reason, no matter how many pedi’s I get. This body cream is really thick and does leave that “greasy” feeling behind, so while I did not like this for use all over my body (you may love it if you have super dry skin!), I absolutely LOVED it for my feet. A few times a week, I grab a big glob of this cream and slather it all over my feet, then I wear a pair of fuzzy socks and go to sleep. The result? In the morning, my feet have fully absorbed all of the cream and my feet visibly look and physically feel moisturized, it’s incredible!

Overall, Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula line is absolutely wonderful.  If you love the scent of coconuts (REAL coconuts, not that commercial sunscreen smelling coconut!) and are in need of a new moisturizer that will not only work, but overtime improve the hydration in your skin, then I highly recommend trying Palmer’s!

Now on to the Giveaway!

Palmer’s has generously offered to give 3 of my Canadian readers the entire Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula line! That includes the Oil, Lotion AND Cream! The rules are simple:

  • Follow me on Instagram (@JPepinBeauty)
  • ‘Like’ my Giveaway picture on Instagram
  • Leave a Coconut Emoji on my Giveaway picture on Instagram
  • Bonus Entry: Leave a comment below!
  • NEW: Bonus Entry 2: Tag friends on the Instagram picture (1 point for every friend tagged)
  • NEW: Bonus Entry 3: When your tagged friends enter, you’ll get an additional entry!
  • Must live in Canada.
  • Giveaway ends April 20th, 2018.

That’s it folks! Good luck and remember, you’re beautiful!


14 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway – Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula

  1. Great review Janelle !

    I also didn’t know they had all this line of product , i’ve Only known about the “pregnancy cream” which works like a charm so I’m sure the coconut product is just as great !


  2. I have always liked Palmers’ products and I am sure that I will really like these ones because my coconut oil obsession is real like yours! Recently I have been using more body oils so I think I am most excited to try the oil from this line!


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