Perfect Brow Tutorial + TWEEZERMAN GIVEAWAY!

Hi beauties!

Today I have an exciting blog post for you – Not only am I showing you how to achieve my signature brow look, I’ve also teamed up with Tweezerman Canada to gift you everything mentioned in today’s post! Read on to learn how to map out your perfect brow shape, and how to fill them in to complement your eye and face shape!

As you may or may not know – Brows are kind of my “thing”. But let me tell you – it has not always been this way. My brows have come a long way over the last 5 years or so. You see, back in the mid 2000’s, the brow trend was to pluck your brows pencil thin and not fill them in. I know – The horror. I sometimes look back at old pictures and have a full face of glam makeup on – WITH BARE BROWS! Luckily, I’ve gotten my whole brow routine down to a science, but I promise, it’s not that difficult – In fact, I achieve my daily brow look in 3 steps!


Before I get into those steps – I think it’s important to establish your perfect brow shape by firstly mapping out where your brows should start, arch and end – This step is crucial to ensure you’re creating a complementary shape that looks natural for your eye and face shape. Try practicing without makeup on so you can wipe away and restart if necessary.

Step 1 – Where your brow should begin.


Using an eyebrow pencil (or any long thin makeup brush or regular pencil will do), place the pencil on the outer edge of your nose bridge (not the nostril) and line it up against your brow – This is where your brow should start. Using an eyebrow pencil in 1-2 shades darker than your hair colour, mark a small vertical line. NOTE: Some people will say your brow should start where the inner corner of your eye starts, but I find lining it up against the nose makes for a more natural shape and gives you the illusion of bigger eyes. It’s really up to your preference!

Step 2: Where your brow should end.


Now, rest your pencil vertically beside your nostril, and angle it so it lines up to the outer corner of your eye, in a 120-ish degree angle (I’m not the best at math). This is where your brow should end. Again, mark a small line or dot to indicate where your brow should end.

Step 3: Finding your brow arch.


Using the pencil, find the centre of your nose, and again, angle the pencil and line it up with the centre of your pupil – This is how you will find the arch that is complementary to your eye. Using your brow pencil, again mark a small line.


Now that you’ve mapped out your perfect brow shape, you can use the marks as a guideline to fill your brows in. Since I have “perfected” my brow shape, I no longer need to start with these guides, but at the beginning of my brow journey, this is how I started to grow my shape. Read on to learn how to fill your brows in for a natural look.

Step 1: Brush & Trim.



Using the Tweezerman Brow Shaping Brush & Scissors ($29.00 CAD), brush your eyebrow hair up, and trim excessively long brow hairs using the scissors. Be careful with this step, you don’t want to cut away too much hair! You can skip the trimming part if your eye brow hairs are extremely sparse.

Step 2: Fill & Set 



Fill in sparse areas of your brows using your favourite brow product – I prefer using an automatic pencils over wooden pencils or pomade because it’s more precise. If you’d like to ensure your brows last all day, set them with a clear or tinted brow gel. Tinted gels will help your brows look more voluminous and filled in, especially if they are thin and sparse. I prefer using a clear gel, like the Tweezerman Browmousse ($19.00 CAD). I love this formula because it’s lightweight, keeps my brows in place all day, and doesn’t flake off or make my brows feel hard and sticky!

Step 3: Clean-up.


This step is optional, but I highly recommend you pluck your stray brow hairs AFTER you’ve established the shape by filling them in. This way, you’re ensuring you’re not over plucking your hair, and only plucking hair that appears outside of your mapped out brow shape. Do this using a good pair of tweezers, like the Classic-slant Tweezers by Tweezerman ($30.50 CAD). Fun fact, did you know you can send in your dull Tweezerman tweezers to Tweezerman in order to get them re-sharpened, for free? Check it out here!

The final look

Here are my brows, mapped out to complement my eye shape, filled in and cleaned up, using my favourite Tweezerman products! Remember that the goal isn’t to make your brows Twins, but rather, Sisters…Or distant cousins, at least. Want to win everything mentioned in today’s post, read on…


If you want to win everything mentioned today, the steps are simple!

  • You must be a Canadian resident
  • Must be following me on Instagram
  • Must “like” and comment on the contest picture on my Instagram
  • You may tag as many friends as you’d like in the comments for bonus entries
  • Must be following Tweezerman Canada on Instagram

To note:

1 entry per person. Contest will end 2 weeks from today, on Friday, August 17th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be contacted by me via Instagram DM’s and will have 48 hours to respond, otherwise, I will pick another winner. Prize will be shipped to the chosen winner by Tweezerman Canada. No Giveaway accounts will be considered; Any accounts who follow to unfollow once the contest ends will be banned and blocked from future giveaways.

That’s it! Good luck beautiful!

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